Brad Horan – Lucrature

Brad Horan - Lucrature

After many years of trial and error, refinement and re-refinement I came up a simple but comprehensive business operating system that I now call Financial Peak Performance™.

Financial Peak Performance™ framework enables businesses to confidently and effortlessly make the right business decisions. It allows the Business Owners to push decision making down through the staff, the outcome is a business that runs itself.

Using this system I have delivered over $60 Million in bottom line benefits for clients over the last 7 years.

Big business has typically had the upper hand being able to take complex financial data and convert it to powerful decision-making information. This powerful information enables large businesses to achieve Financial Peak Performance™, to drive new markets, extract value, and accelerate profit.

Leveraging technology advancements and a community based approach Lucrature® is now bringing that same big business capability to the SME community.

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