Advisory Hack #10: Really Easy Employment Planning.

It’s never been easier to work out whether it’s the right time to hire new employees. Jazoodle’s Advisory Hack will show you how your employment planning can be done in minutes!

Create your forecast over a period that suits you. Simply adjust the revenues and costs you anticipate.

Add new Employee Plan, and fill in the cells for each employee type that you were thinking of hiring

Take a look at your forecast statements, reports and graphs to see what effect this plan has on your business cash and profitability.

And Jazoodle! Not only have you calculated the wage costs and tax and pension liabilities, but you’ll also see the future payments that need to be made to the taxman. What’s more, you can assess the new estimated amounts and payment dates for GST, and even the adjustments for your existing employees have been automatically calculated. Now all you need to do is talk it through with your client!


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