About Jazoodle

Hi there. Nice to meet you.

We’re Jazoodle, a platform designed to make life a little bit easier for business leaders, their trusted accountants and business advisors.

What’s our vision? To become the number one and most loved platform for organisational success and business wellbeing. It’s really that simple.

Our mission is to provide small and medium sized businesses an eco system of business tools, data, and services for business success.

Who Founded Jazoodle? Meet our founding team below

Jazoodle has been developed with simplicity in mind – our platform is smart, straightforward and integrates seamlessly with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB.

And innovation is at our heart, having been selected as one of Australia’s most promising high growth startups, completing the UNSW Founders 10X accelerator program.

The Jazoodle philosophy

At Jazoodle, we genuinely love to see businesses thrive financially. As part of our philosophy:

We believe in simplicity.

After all, it’s what Jazoodle is all about. We often ask, ‘why make things complicated?’. Being a business owner is stressful enough and we want you to enjoy using Jazoodle.

We believe in transparency.

We’re true to our word and back what we do – there’s no tricks or gimmicks. And, we’re always here when you need us. Any issues? Just pick up the phone.

We believe in trust.

We don’t see our relationships with clients as transactional. We want to partner with our clients and be an integral part of their business journey.

Meet the Jazoodlers

Andrew Paton-Smith

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Jazoodle

Gareth Wood

Gareth is Jazoodle’s Chief Marketing Officer

Simon Wakeford

Simon is Jazoodle’s Chief Operating Officer
Mark Holton Joins Jazoodle As Board Advisor

Mark Holton

Master of Commerce,
Mark is Jazoodle’s Newest Board Member

Trevor Hartshorne

Trevor is Jazoodle’s Chairman

Bill Nourse

Bill is Jazoodle’s Chief Technology officer

Why the name Jazoodle?

Yes, we know you’re wondering and, don’t worry, we get asked all the time.

Whilst we could tell you an exaggerated tale full of mystery and wonder, embellished with plot twists and turns, it just wouldn’t be truthful.

The name randomly came to Jazoodle’s founder, Andrew, on a snowy winter’s evening in England. Whilst sitting next to the roaring fire sipping a pint in the local pub, Jazoodle, in all its splendour, just popped into his head.

And, the best part? It can be a verb, adjective, noun or whatever you want it to be. Feeling jazoodled by all the numbers? Well, jazoodle your finances and feel jazoodling better about your company’s performance.

We understand that getting to know your numbers and accounts means serious business. But at Jazoodle, we never want to take ourselves too seriously, and we hope our name reflects that.

Animation of a college mortar board

At Jazoodle, we love to give back.

Tertiary education has changed the lives of all of our founders. We believe that education can have an incredible impact on the lives of disadvantaged people. As a result, Jazoodle is keen to assist where we can when it comes to education. We aim to provide support to and  later develop a fund that will help change lives through educational opportunities for those not ordinarily able to take advantage of those opportunities. 

Welcome To Jazoodle

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