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Our Product Updates

Jazoodle’s look and feel is changing and being updated in the next release, scheduled mid year 2023. This change is in readiness for the new forecasting and scenario modelling functionality being released in the same release.


We are delighted to make your reporting life a whole lot easier with the ability to click on any P and L or Balance Sheet individual account, such as power expenses, individual revenues, or even individual assets which produces a graph of the history of that revenue/expense/asset/liability

Graph showing accounts drilldown in Jazoodle. White background, monthly view

Our much anticipated forecasting / scenario modelling module is coming this year. Read more here


Fast Consolidated Reporting

We’re really excited by this enhancement, requested by accountants and advisors in both the USA and Australia. This will allow an accountant or advisor to select which companies they wish to consolidate, and with only a few clicks, will create a single consolidated dashboard of health and valuation. You will be able to eliminate individual accounts (ie where inter company charges ad revenues are posted). You will also be able to consolidate using a single common currency for multi national consolidations. 

Released March 2022

Indicative Business Valuation

We’re building on the functionality of our V1 business valuation capability and adding graphs, charts, and monthly / yearly trends in business value. Also, create an APES 225 compliant letter for your client. Our valuation uses a proprietary valuation algorithm tested over the past few years for efficacy. The Jazoodle valuation is used as both an additional performance indicator as well as starting point in your practice providing more detailed business valuation and exit planning services. The module is an optional add on to the standard Business Health subscription.

Released March 2022

No touch business alerts

Never be caught out again. Jazoodle will alert you when subtle changes and trends appear in your business. These changes and your knowledge of them can make all the difference and give you time to react, before these changes become a major problem. If you subscribe via your accountant / advisor, they can get them too! Turn these alerts on or off as needed at a company level

Released March 2022

Jazoodle Eco Score

We’ve been working with the local Central Coast Sustainability Association to devise an additional score to our health dashboard. increasingly, businesses are needing to report on their overall impact to the planet and we have devised a new measure which will assess, into a single score an eco score of business health. The score assess impact on people, planet, and business sustainability

Released March 2022

5 Way Business Forecasting

We’re so excited to bring this to you. Build simple but sophisticated 1 or 2 year business scenarios using our latest forecasting engine and watch the effect your scenario has on your future P and L, Balance Sheet, Statement Of Cashflows, Business Valuation, and Cashflow Forecast. Save your scenarios for future use. We believe in keeping things simple. Your scenarios can model individual changes to individual revenue or expense lines, your funding structure plus 5 other levers individually or in combination 

Targeted released June 2023

Advisory client summary dashboard

We’ve received great feedback from our advisory and accountant partners and industry organisations. We’ve released our advisor dashboard where you can summarise all your clients in one screen, be alerted to changes in business instantly, allowing you to dedicate your time working with those clients that really need you most. The client summary dashboard is standard for all multi company profiles. Add 2 or 1000 companies to your profile quickly, and simply.


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