Now you can provide advisory services to ALL your practice's clients

Jazoodle is the fast and affordable business reporting and valuation platform designed to help all of your clients stay on top of their business, 24/7

Not an accountant or advisor?

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Generate additional practice revenues and business advisory services for your clients

Scale Your Business Advisory Services And Revenues. Jazoodle's scalability, and ease of use means that you can now economically add business advice services to the majority of your clients. That means additional practice revenues for you.

We believe in simplicity. Set up each client in 60 seconds. Instant client insights allowing you to formulate their business improvement programs quickly.

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Jazoodle Chats With CATS Accountants

Scale your business advisory services and revenues

Now advisory and additional reporting is not just for your top 5 clients
Scale Your Business Advice Services And Revenues. Jazoodle's scalability and pricing structure means that it is now economically viable to add additional reporting and client advisory services to all of your clients. No time to check on how each client is doing? No worries, we'll even send you automated alerts when key changes occur in your clients' businesses
Conduct a financial health check in seconds.
Scale Your Business Advice Services And Revenues. How's your client's business performing? Are they going to be okay? What's driving profitability, cash collection and what's hindering growth? With Jazoodle, you can get an easy to understand overview of where your client is financially positioned in just a few clicks.
Know how much is your client's business worth.
After all, your client's business means they are wanting a return on their years of blood, sweat, toil, and investment. Jazoodle includes an indicative business valuation of each business. We assess both the net asset value, AND discounted multiple and find that our clients use this as a both a performance indicator AND a stepping stone to their clients engaging them in more formal business and asset valuations.
Simple, and fast consolidated and single common currency reporting
In just a few seconds, consolidate multiple reporting entities into a single consolidated reporting dashboard. This will save you hours! Multi currency? No worries, consolidate also into a single reporting currency instantly. Contact us and we'll show you how powerful this is.

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Get your free business health score today, or speak with one of our business integration experts and we’ll arrange to show you the ins and outs of Jazoodle and what it can do for your business. Alternatively, call us on 1300 920 852.

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