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Upgrade your business decisions with Jazoodle.

Build your business health, valuation and forecasting dashboard in seconds. Perfect for SMEs, business advisors, and not for profit organisations

Instant set up and insights

Web based interface that doesn’t need installation. Real-time data, real time reporting and insights

Enhance existing reporting

Seamless integrated with Xero. Stunning, and easy to understand financial forecasting and scenario planning in seconds.

Business measurement

Instantly understand how your business is on track to deliver your goals. Knowing “your numbers” is a must have in today’s business environment.


Get one of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs

One of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs is the trait of knowing their business key numbers. The old saying, “If you can’t measure it. you can’t manage it” is so true. Jazoodle gives you instant insights into your business’ key numbers and trends over time. What’s more, we include as standard, a speedo which measures the overall health of your business.

Know your risk.

Financial risk reduction is just seconds away

Within seconds, get an understanding of the financial risk in your business with our instant health check, graphs over time to spot trends early, and our future planning sliders – how will a change in revenues, or the economy affect your business?


Test your business tolerances instantly

Modeling future scenarios for your business has traditionally been a painful process, involving complex spreadsheets, and a detailed understanding of those spreadsheets. Now, you can model the future of your business using simple but powerful sliders – we do all the complexity for you

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Business Advisors

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Very quick and simple to set up

H.Chandra · Virtual CFO

Wow this is detailed…Looks impressive

John Spark · MD, Travel With Purpose

Jazoodle delivered!

Jorge Fernandes · CEO, Applied Sense

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