Jazoodle Forecasting Roadmap 2024

Jazoodle's Roadmap For 2024

I am pleased to bring you our cashflow forecasting roadmap, due for release Q1 2024 and detail some of the very exciting developments we have planned. These upgrades, will be rolled out February to beta testers and general release in March. 

Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting will be available in our Pro version in Q1. Forecasts and scenarios are great for both accountants/advisors and small and medium businesses. Forecasts will be created from simple to create scenarios where you can change:

  • Revenues as a whole
  • Individual revenues
  • Time limited revenue events
  • Cost of Goods / Gross Margins
  • Expenses as a whole
  • Individual expenses
  • Create an employment plan 
  • Manipulate creditors and debtors for cash maximisation
  • Create an asset purchase / financing plan
  • Create a dividends / equity injection plan

Multi Year Forecasts

Forecasts 6, 12, 18 and 24 months can be created using different scenarios. This means, you can create an ie upbeat forecast for the coming period, and a more subdued forecast for the following period.

Create Fast Employment Plans

Create employee hire and fire plans using natural launguage. Each plan creates instant updates to your forecast P and L and budgets for wage updates, tax witholding and retirement savings amounts and respects any lag periods in your tax office submissions

Create Fast Asset Purchase and Depreciation Plans

Do you need to assess if the coming year is the right time to update your capital equipment or plant and machinery? Jazoodle’s capex plans let you build a plan in natural language and we’ll automatically calculate your depreciation amounts, net asset amounts, loans needed, and loan repayments and plug these into your future financial statements and budgets. You can even create a training period where any efficiency foreseen can be delayed for to account for training and ramp up times.

Manipulate Debtor, Creditor and Inventory Periods

Do you want to assess the positive or negative affect on yur cash balances, and cash runway if you change client and supplier payment terms? or even assess holding different levels of stock? We’ve included our cash conversion business plan for this. All plans will update your forecast cash balances, accounts receivables amounts, accounts payables amounts and inventory levels


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