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Check daily, weekly, monthly and see your business grow before your very eyes. your score is updated weekly or on demand. Share with your accountant, business advisor lender or insurer for free

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Sign up with your Quickbooks Online account, there’s no need for two sign ups with Jazoodle and QuickBooks. Then simply click on integrate with QuickBooks to get started and in less than 70 seconds, your business health score is there before your very eyes .

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Here’s what Jazoodle can do for you:

  • simple set up, and QuickBooks integration
  • your business dashboard created in seconds
  • share with your accountant or advisor for free
  • 30+ business KPIs included
  • Free for individual small businesses and not for profits

Getting started with Jazoodle and Intuit QuickBooks

How does Jazoodle integrate with Intuit QuickBooks?

Jazoodle integrates via the secure Intuit QuickBooks API. Jazoodle only requires read access to your QuickBooks file. This is what we integrate.

Jazoodle and Intuit Quickbooks Integration

How do I connect Jazoodle to Intuit QuickBooks?

Connecting Intuit QuickBooks to Jazoodle is very simple, and involves just a few quick steps. If you do not want to sign up with your QuickBooks login, then simply click Add Company from your main dashboard

Jazoodle connect company

Then click on the QuickBooks button

The QuickBooks login then appears and you should log into Quickbooks as you normally would, including any two factor authentication you use

If you have access to multiple QuickBooks organisations, then you should then select the organisation you wish to connect to Jazoodle

Enter the average number of employees in your company for the current and last financial years. This is for some of the calculations coming later. Hit continue and then click the “Download chart of accounts” button to get started.

Download Chart Of Accounts

Once completed, the button turns green and you should click the button underneath to bring this year’s information into Jazoodle. Follow the prompts and download the two year’s of data and then your dashboard is ready for viewing

Jazoodle dashboard

Disconnecting QuickBooks

Should you wish to disconnect your Quickbooks business from Jazoodle, we’ve made this super simple too! Jazoodle gives you two options for this:

1) Disconnect from Quickbooks file – disconnecting in the Jazoodle app will disconnect your QuickBooks link and will delete your data.

2) Disconnect from Jazoodle within the QuickBooks app store or application – clicking this will both disconnect your connection to QuickBooks for the company AND also deletes your data from the Jazoodle system. Should you wish to reconnect to Jazoodle, you can then simply click “Add Company” in your main Jazoodle dashboard

Disconnecting Xero 1

Jazoodle Business Health is free for all individual SMEs and Not For Profit Organisations. If you wish to connect more than one company, our standard pricing applies or you are an accountant or professional business advisor, please see our pricing page for more info