10 cool things you can do with your new Jazoodle app

We thought we’d highlight a few cool things that you can do with your new Jazoodle app.

We’ve designed the platform to be as easy to use as possible, but in doing so, you may miss some of the really great features we’ve developed

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the read

1) Get your up to the minute business health score

Your business health score is central to your business. It tells you “How you’re doing”. Updated weekly (or daily on demand) you can always be on top of your business finances without doing all the fiddly and complex number crunching!

If you find this is falling over time, then there’s plenty you can do to reverse the trend. Top of mind, is to consult your accountant or business advisor. Here’s a list of our Jazoodle Advisory and Lending Partners

2) View your business either monthly, or for the current or past financial years

Switching between annual and monthly graphs and data is simple. Just click the link on the top right hand of your dashboard. Changes to your graphs and data is instant. Try it out for yourself

3) Print or save your reports in an instant

Just click the print link and your current screen will print out, ready to hand to your accountant, bank or business lender. Print also for giving to your new suppliers – in seconds to arrange your credit terms. Want to export them..? Just click print to PDF and voila

4) Compare previous periods

Just toggle next to your date range to compare your KPIs or reports to previous periods – much faster than creating a report and changing the dates in your accounting package. How’s your business or individual measure doing to this time last year or last month?

5) Build your company KPI dashboard in under 60 seconds

Gone are the days that you need to map your chart of accounts – just click the accounts system package button and follow the prompts

6) Add multiple companies to your dashboard

If you are a SME or NFP with multiple business entities or one of our accountant or advisory partners, just click the “Add Company” button and in less than 60 seconds, you’ll have a world of insights. Please note, that for multiple connections, there is a per connection charge where there are more than 1 connections in your profile.

7) Change your data / Delete your Dashboard

To update your data, for instance if you’ve made changes to the last 2 months’ data, you’ve made journal entries in your accounting system – just click the companies tab, then data tab and “update last 2 months”. Should you wish to delete your data completely, just go to the companies tab, and connections tab, then click “Disconnect company”. You can also disconnect from within your Xero or QuickBooks software

8) Add Multiple Companies as an accountant or advisor

As with the SMEs, just add company. All your connected companies will be visible in summary form in your main login dashboard. What’s more, you can see at a glance, without going into each file, how healthy that company is. Please note, that for multiple connections, there is a per connection charge where there are more than 1 connections in your profile.

9) Add a user for free

You can add your accountant or other board members for free. They will see what you see in your company file. Just click on a company, then go to the users tab, and add their email address. It really is that simple

10) Use Jazoodle as a client financial risk platform.

Ever wanted to risk profile your clients, and ensure you are covering some of the financial bases for giving them credit terms..? Have them create their free Jazoodle profile and add your email as a user. Their business will show the next time you log in. Please note, that for multiple connections, there is a per connection charge where there are more than 1 connections in your profile.


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