Entrepreneurs Business Analysis Report (1 x Annual)

$1,500.00 Excl GST for 1 year

This service and subscription gives you 12 month’s access to Jazoodle’s business performance reporting and a single business financial analysis delivered to you by our in house business experts. Jazoodle will send you your business financial analysis report within 5 business days of your subscription commencement and connection to Jazoodle dashboard.

  • 10% Off a 1 year access to Jazoodle Business Health Pro (including business valuation)
  • 1 x Bespoke business performance analysis and recommendations for your business’ improvement
  • 1 x Review of performance analysis by one of Jazoodle’s business advisory partners
  • 1 x Introduction to Jazoodle business advisory partner to assess coaching / improvement programs


Entrepreneurs are superb hustlers, sellers, and customer service people. But, does the thought of understanding your businesses’ numbers leave you feeling cold, or indeed, have no time for that?

Your financial reports tell a great story as to how your business is really doing, what dangers may lay ahead, and also what opportunities are out there. Would you like to know answers to the following questions:

  • Are your future cash levels sustainable and do you need advance notice for making alternate temporary funding arrangements?
  • Is your staff productivity keeping pace with your business ?
  • Is your plant and machinery or technology losing its edge?
  • Are your profit margins changing due to input costs, overheads changing, or change of discounting policy
  • On average, how many days do your clients take to pay your invoices? Is this changing over time?
  • How liquid is your business? Is this changing over time?
  • What is your business likely to be worth if you wanted to sell it?
  • How many months cash do you have at your disposal should all revenues stop tomorrow?

Plus, lots more insights are gained from your business finances and their history and trends. Jazoodle helps you understand your business story in four ways:

  1. We give you a 10% discounted 12 month access to our innovative business performance dashboard and valuation
  2. We’ll provide (depending upon your subscription), Annual, Half Yearly, or Quarterly review of your business and its trends. This report is delivered within 5 business days
  3. One of our preferred business advisory partners will review your report and key insights
  4. We’ll introduce you to an advisor, specialising in the area that your business either most requires, or you’re most interested in for a free 1 hour consultation.

$1,500.00 Excl GST for 1 year

Entrepreneurs Business Analysis Report (1 x Annual)

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