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Drive policy through macro insights

Having access to up to date macro business data can drive significant policy decisions. Jazoodle’s macro data services will soon make available aggregate, non identifiable business data to policy makers and interested economic planning organisations

What’s more, our macro services include the provision of benchmark data, for business indicators as well as business valuation (pre sale) data. All data can be spliced by industry, region, suburb, and country level and by size of company.

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Industry Associations

Industry associations are the cornerstone of Industry. They lobby, advocate and are the voice for each individual member. As an advocate, you need the latest information as to the health and wellbeing of your industry. How powerful would it be to announce to th press that your industry has improved its health, or profitability or even number of jobs over the last month?


Franchisors – get up to the minute updates of your franchisees business performance in seconds. Identify those franchisees needing more support, or those killing it. Use the franchise data as proof points of your franchise’s success factors

Public Policy

Are you frustrated with Government organisation SME data? Is the time lag too great. Jazoodle’s Macro economic services of aggregate small business health may be for you

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