Lana Ratapu – Business Advisor and Coach

Spotlight on Lana Ratapu

Jazoodle has an amazing network of truly gifted Business Advisors, Accountants, and Business Coaches. Here, we talk with Lana Ratapu, the Regional Lead of the Trusted Advisors Network.

About Lana

Lana has spent around 30 years coaching and advising small, medium and large businesses and in the ‘real world’. Lana is  intimate with the peaks and troughs that small and medium sized business owners go through in their daily lives. Having experienced these herself, this has shaped Lana’s approach to business improvement. She believes not only in strategic clarity for her clients, but also operational implemtation and accountability. 

What We Think

Lana has a really good fit with Jazoodle’s philosophy and therefore a great partner as she believes in first and foremost, a business having an understanding as to where they are now. This is the starting point in her client engagements. Only then, can she understand the business’ goals, and the gaps that exist between the business and its goals. Lana is very strong strategically, but what we love too, is her strength in operational execution. As she puts it, her advice is an investment in your business. Having clear numbers, plans, and accountabilities show just how far a business has come.

5 Quickfire Questions

What’s the best life / business advice you have received?

Lana – Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.  Jim Rohn 

What’s the best life / business advice you have given?

Lana – If you don’t know what to do, come from a place of love.  Treat the situation or person with love and act from there.  All success and learnings we create are a result of our choices, actions, behaviors, and ability to navigate them with grace every day. 

What’s the most common but fixable mistake businesses make?

Lana – There are a few standouts.  1. Not understanding and tracking, and measuring the key areas where money is made or lost in business.  2. Not having someone accountable for those areas.  3. Hiring people and then blaming them when it doesn’t work. 

Dogs or cats or fish?

Lana – I wanted a rescue dog but ended up with a posh cat… We now have another rescue cat, which makes two… so perhaps the dog won’t be far away!  Cats & Dogs.

Shoutout to someone influential on your success?

Lana – There are so many. There are more people in my immediate circle who have influenced my journey so far but the well-known ones are Tony Robbins & Keith Cunningham. I resisted Tony Robbins for many years because I listened to the hype instead of seeing for myself.  I wish I’d entered his world many years ago. 

How Can You Contact Lana?

Lana can be contacted using our Business Advisor Directory here


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