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What is my business valuation? This is a question that every business owner or director should be across even if they have no planned exit in mind as yet. A business valuation is never a definite figure, but can be used as another measure of the relative health and performance of a business. Remember, that the only true value of a business is that figure which a controlling entity is prepared to sell it for, and one in which a buyer is prepared to pay for it. 

Your business value is an indicative measure as to the health, performance, and future ability for the business to generate profitable returns. There are a number of different measures of valuation. Jazoodle’s proprietary calculation assesses the consistency of earnings over time, as well as growth amounts and compares this to the net asset value of the business. In early stage companies, the earnings history may not reflect value within the business. In this case, we also assess the assets that have been built within the business 

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