Instant business valuation, and performance reporting

Improve buyer and seller engagement via a business health and performance check and business valuation

Show your difference to your sellers, model future value with your buyers

Poor sales rates, poor buyer engagement?

Increase business sales conversion rates by showcasing your client’s business to your buyers

Do you rely upon Excel and cut/paste content?

No more manually plugging in your client’s numbers, dashboards for impact

Help your buyers visualise their future

Use sliders to forecast upside in your sellers’ businesses, show your buyers their new business’ potential

Business performance metrics without the sweat

Your buyers and financiers need consistent, objective measures of business progress, scenario models for discussion, and to understand the potential risk and upside of a particular business purchase.

Economic and powerful business sales aid and solution

Jazoodle is deliberately priced not to burden your clients, or their business sales advisor. We’ve brought the power of forecasting and valuation systems so that it is amenable to all businesses, regardless of size.

Objective, instant business valuation

Jazoodle’s constantly updated valuation module means that your sellers get an objective view of value. Use in combination with forecasting to assess client valuation gaps

Free demo to wow your clients

Imagine showing your clients a stunning visual representation of how their business could look to potential buyers. The demo is free which you can use time and time again

Independent business valuation

We all know the difficulty with client expectations of market value of their business. Who could blame them? they’ve given blood, sweat and toil for years. By connecting your clients to Jazoodle, you’ll equip them with a stunning dashboard of business health and performance along with indicative valuation of their business using either the net asset value, or multiple of operating profit method

Meaningful buyer discussions

Using Jazoodle's simple sliders, actively model the business' upsides, its potential value add and possible changes within the business, ones that profit your buyer, and secures the sale!

Integrates seemlessly with

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

If you’re resident in Australia, yes, we charge GST at the prevailing rate. We will issue you with a tax invoice once your subscription is confirmed

Yes, the ‘Jazoodle Business Health Check’, our starter plan, is always free to individual SMEs and NFPs. In the near future, we’ll be adding premium features including valuation and cash flow forecasting, giving anyone a 14 day free trial to access these features.

Here are nine things you can do when you try Jazoodle for free.

  1. Get your up to the minute business health score. Find out instantly how your business is doing. Updated weekly, daily or on demand, be on top of your business finances without doing all the fiddly and complex number crunching. 
  1. View your business any way. Get a snapshot of your business at a monthly level, or for the current and past financial years. Switching between annual and monthly graphs and data is simple. Just click the link on the top right hand of your dashboard. Changes to your graphs and data is instant.
  1. Instantly print or save your reports. In just a few clicks, have your reports printed or converted to a PDF ready to hand to your accountant, bank or business lender. And, you can also print for new suppliers – in seconds, arrange your credit terms. 
  1. Easily compare with previous periods. Just toggle the date range to compare KPIs or reports to previous periods – much faster than creating a report and changing the dates in your accounting package. How’s your business or individual measure doing to this time last year or last month?
  1. Build your company KPI dashboard in less than 90 seconds. Gone are the days that you need to map your chart of accounts – just click the accounts system package button and follow the prompts.
  1. Add multiple companies to your dashboard. If you’re an SME or NFP with multiple business entities, just click the ‘add company’ button and in less than 90 seconds, you’ll have a world of insights. Please note, that for multiple connections, there is a per connection charge. 
  1. Add multiple companies as an accountant or advisor. As with SMEs, all you need to do is add a company. All connected companies will be visible in summary form in your main login dashboard. What’s more, see at a glance, how healthy company performance is. Please note, that for multiple connections, there is a per connection charge. 
  1. Add a user for free. You can add your accountant or other board members for free. Just click on a company, then go to the users tab, and add their email address. It’s that simple. 
  1. Use Jazoodle as a client financial risk platform. Ever wanted to risk profile clients, and ensure you are covering all financial bases when potentially giving them credit terms? Have them create their free Jazoodle profile and add your email as a user. Their business will show the next time you log in.

Jazoodle is an innovative fintech company based in Sydney, Australia. It’s founders are Andrew Paton-Smith (CEO), Gareth Wood (CMO), Simon Wakeford (COO) and Trevor Hartshorne CPA (Chairman). Jazoodle is proud to be an alum of the UNSW Founders 10X accelerator. Learn more about Jazoodle. 

Jazoodle is highly secure and built to meet the latest API standards. You’ll need access to an appropriate cloud accounting system (currently we integrate with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB) and authentication is done via your normal login. We’ll receive your company details once you’ve integrated your accounting system with Jazoodle. All we need from you is the approximate number of employees in your organisation for each of the past two years. It’s that simple. 

At this stage Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB. However, we’re looking at integrating with other accounting software in the future. We’re also investigating including Sage and Zoho for our UK-based clients. If you’d like to request other partner integrations, reach out to the Jazoodle team. 

Yes, absolutely. We’ve built in security measures across every aspect of our business and software. We’re proud to announce that Jazoodle is hosted in Australia, by one of the most secure hosting platforms in the world. All data collected via Jazoodle is highly encrypted at source. As part of our operations, we regularly test and audit these security systems for both perimeter security as well as in application security. 

It’s often said that the only true valuation of a business is the amount that a buyer is prepared to pay and a seller is prepared to sell for. However, business value can be affected by a number of factors, including the risk perceived and historic performance. Jazoodle’s valuation tool focuses primarily on historical factors including pre-depreciation earnings performance. In doing so, our model takes into account implied factors, such as quality of management team and prevailing market conditions. And, our proprietary algorithm assesses growth as well as stability of growth into the future.

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