Our Vision

Jazoodle are an Australian tech startup, recently selected as one of Australia's most promising high growth startups and part of the UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator program. Jazoodle's vision is to enable business success. Success built upon performance measurement, and modelling future decisions now. Our vision is to be the foremost business resource where business directors and owners, startup founders and investors and business advisors answer questions about their organisation, predict growth, and model changes to the business and how they will influence next year's performance and value.

UNSW 10X Demo Night

Our Founders

Andrew Paton-Smith


Andrew is the founder and CEO of Jazoodle

Gareth Wood


Gareth is Jazoodle’s Chief Marketing Officer

Simon Wakeford


Simon is Jazoodle’s Chief Operating Officer

Trevor Hartshorne


Trevor is Jazoodle’s Chairman and independent board member