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So what do the measures in Jazoodle mean for your business?

Where do you get started with your business numbers? Fortunately, Jazoodle are here to help demystify these for you. Our guides will help to get you started, but if you'd like formal training, to get to know Jazoodle, please email us. to arrange your training.

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Your business health score is prominent in the main Jazoodle dashboard, as well as the forecasting module. Start off by assessing what your current health score is in the main dashboard:

Health barometer

The health scores are graded on the following scale:

Health Scores Explained

If your score is in the red or orange zones, then we would advise speaking with your preferred business advisor, or local Business Connect organisation.

The business health score is affected predominantly by 4 key areas of your business. If you have a poor score, it is likely that attention is paid to the following areas of the business:

Health factors

Improve Business Health

Understanding and influencing profitability

Understanding and influencing the profitability of a business is arguably one of the key things you can do within a business to understanding the long term sustainability of a business, as well as understanding subtle changes to your business through changes in the wider environment. Here, we show you why profitability analysis is one of your monthly tasks at the top of your list.

Your profitability measures are prominent in the main Jazoodle dashboard, as well as the forecasting module. Profitability is measured in two parts; Gross profits, and net profits. Start off by assessing these two metrics in the main dashboard. Both are represented with a time line graph, giving trends of net and gross profit:

along with traffic lights for the current and past years:

Understanding and analysing a business gross and net profit margins on a regular basis is seen as critical in sustainable business management. Here's a little graphic showing you more

Profit Analysis

Gross profit margin is affected by two areas of a business, 1) Sales revenues and 2) Cost of goods (direct input costs)

Gross Profit Analysis

Net Profit Analysis

The great news is you can! It's important to be aware, as part of the monthly checklist for your business, of your gross and net profit margins.

If Gross profit margins are changing, then this could be due to unit price changes, or overall sales level changes. If unit prices are changing, try to understand the reasons for the need to discount in a business. Is the competitive landscape changing? A new entrant into your industry? The economy getting tighter?

Margin Changes

Understanding your numbers

Monthly Checklist

We've produced a monthly checklist of some of the measures that every business should be across as well as their advisors. Keeping ahead of these metrics will mean that any underlying changes to a business, financial risk, and opportunity identification can be made early. To download an electronic version of this file, subscribe below

Business health score diagnostics

Your business health score will be affected by many different areas of performance within a business. If you have a poor health score, (see our FAQ), this means that there are underlying problems within a business. These could manifest themselves into serious financial problems within the next report periods (generally within 24 months). If you have a poor health score, you need to understand both what affects this score, as well as what to do about it if you see this.

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