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Tracey Dean BTS Accountants

Spotlight on Tracey Dean

Jazoodle has an amazing network of truly gifted Business Advisors, Accountants, and Business Coaches. Here, we talk with Tracey Dean, founder of BTS Accounting, based on the beautiful NSW Central Coast.

About Tracey

Tracey’s passion is the continual business improvement. Improvement through the development of the accounting & finance function of businesses. Doing this enables business owners to be empowered with accurate & timely financial information, therefore enabling great decision making.

Tracey enjoys working with clients & building strong relationships based on trust. Her approach is ensuring accounting requirements are being met but also in building the strategic business decision making process. 

Tracey has 25 years of experience in finance and strategic advisory

What We Think

Tracey is a breath of fresh air. One conversation with her tells anyone she meets that she is passionate about small and medium business success. Her approach means capturing the data that tells her clients how they are really doing, but then tracking the data to ensure that her strategic advice is followed and on track. We know a number of Tracey’s clients, and how much they value her calm, no nonsense approach to business improvement.

5 Quickfire Questions

What’s the best life / business advice you have received?

Tracey – [Don’t] be too hard on yourself & don’t be afraid to ask for help. I would always put huge pressure on myself & would rarely ask for help….I have not mastered this [completely myself] however, this advice has certainly helped to lighten the load. Always accept the support & advice of others

What’s the best life / business advice you have given?

Tracey – wow you know this will be a difficult one for me to answer & I feel you would need to ask those I provide the advice to 😊 However, the best advice I feel I provide is based on the individual I am speaking with knowing at the end of the conversation they are motivated, smiling & inspired, ready to continue along their journey, working through what challenge they may be facing. Love to make people happy, smile & laugh!

What’s the most common but fixable mistake businesses make?

Tracey – The most common trait I see with many small business owners is trying to take on too many things all at once. Accepting support from others, to help with prioritisation of their goals to achieve their strategic plans, is of high importance to bringing the focus on the steps needed to achieve these goals efficiently.

Dogs or cats or fish?

Tracey – Definitely dogs for me & my family 😊

Shoutout to someone influential on your success?

Tracey – I am very lucky that I have had many people who have supported me over the years, however, a massive thank you goes to my daughter Sam who over the past 18 months has helped me to grow BTS Accounting to where is is now…..certainly could not have achieved what I have without her!  

How Can You Contact Tracey?

Tracey can be contacted using our Business Advisor Directory here


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