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Founder's podcast

Well, series 1 of “The Founder’s Podcast has come to an end and we thought it an idea to log all of our episodes for you in one post. We hope you enjoyed our podcasts and looking forward to series 2 in 2021

Alan Jones Investor, Entrepreneur

Episode 1

Alan Jones

Serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor

Founder's Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2

Caleb Gibbins (CEO Cache) and Sean Greenhaugh (CEO TimeChi)

Episode 3

Gordon Whitehead

Business Advisor

Episode 4

Brendan Rogers

Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Episode 5

Ush Dhanak

Entrepreneur and Australia’s leading Emotional Intelligence Coach

Episode 6

Brad Twynham

Entrepreneur, Investor and Mentor

Episode 7

Jo Hanlon

Strategic Coach

Episode 8

Yanir Yakatiel

CEO and Founder Lumi

Episode 9

Marc Charette

Entrepreneur, Google Trusted Photographer

Episode 10

Brad Horan

Chartered Accountant and Business Strategist

Episode 11

Justin Wastnage

Founder and CEO Vloggi

Episode 12

Andrew Cassin

Business Strategic and exit Advisor

Episode 13

Chaz Dheer

Founder Scope Legal

Episode 14

Craig West

Chartered Accountant and Founder Succession +

Episode 15

Laura Prael

Founder LEP Digital


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