Webinar – Business Finance Scenario Planning (USA Timezone)

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Thursday 23rd March at 4pm (NYC): Free financial and business forecasting webinar for small and medium sized businesses and the accounting profession


Join us at our Free Business Finance Scenario Planning Webinar. This 1 hour webinar is being held on Thursday 23rd March at 4pm (NYC).

In the event, we’ll explore:

  • What is financial and business scenario modelling and forecasting
  • The importance of scenario modelling
  • Building plans instead of crunching numbers
  • Taking the strain out of complex scenarios
  • Why Small and Medium businesses should control the future
  • Jazoodle’s roadmap
  • Q and A

This free business finance scenario planning webinar is free and designed to increase your awareness of business forecasting and financial scenario modelling. It is designed to increase your awareness of the importance of financial awareness, and scenario modelling and forecasting, and rather than this being “too difficult” and time consuming, rather, this process should create curiosity and many “What Ifs” within a business, or accountancy client’s business. It is hosted by Jazoodle’s Co-founder, and CEO Andrew Paton-Smith. Andrew has been deeply passionate about scenario modelling and financial forecasting for a number of years. He discovered the power of forecasting whilst writing his undergraduate dissertation at University, and subsequently whilst in business and completing his Masters Degree in Business and Technology at the University Of New South Wales, one of the top 50 MBA providers globally.

Jazoodle is probably the simplest, and easiest to use financial performance reporting and indicative business valuation platforms, and during mid year 2023, will be releasing its forecasting module which will be an optional add on module to the current platform. Jazoodle integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB accounting platforms in seconds, and creates a personal dashboard of business health, performance, and valuation.

$0.00 Excl GST

Webinar – Business Finance Scenario Planning (USA Timezone)

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