$395.00 Excl GST

Get a professional, expert SNAPSHOT of the financial health and performance of your business within 5 business days PLUS 14 days free trial of Jazoodle for your ongoing performance monitoring.


  1. We’ll analyse the health and performance and likely valuation of your business across many aspects of your business:
  • Profitability
  • Liquidity and Solvency
  • Efficiency
  • Business Health
  • Business Value

2. 14 Day Free Trial Of Jazoodle

3. Introductory Free Meeting With A Professional Business Coach Expert In Business Improvement or Turnaround


Snapshot is the affordable financial analysis for SMEs. Are you needing to take a financial snapshot of your business? Need to get ahead of your business numbers, but are too bamboozled by them to make sense of them? What trends are happening in your business. Connect to Jazoodle for your free trial and we’ll expertly, and professionally create a detailed but understandable report of the financial health, performance, and likely valuation of your business. We’ll crunch the numbers AND explain them to you and what they mean to YOUR business. PLUS, get 14 days free trial of Jazoodle. PLUS, if needed, we’ll introduce you to the business coach most suited to your business improvement needs for a free introductory coaching assessment.

$395.00 Excl GST

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