Business Improvement For Both Your Practice And Your Clients’ Businesses With Our 8 Week Challenge

A Win Win for your practice and your clients

Join the 8 week business builder challenge and watch both your practice and your clients’ businesses grow. The Jazoodle 8 Week Challenge is a program designed to engage SMEs in their business and their numbers. It also provides meaningful opportunities for you to develop your clients’ business improvement projects and advice. 

8 Week Challenge: How does it work?

The program is designed to be simple, and provide the resources needed to get started with your clients in minutes. 

1. Take their base measurements. We make that easy for you and your clients, they just need to create their free Business Health and Performance profile. Then, connect their accounting platform, such as Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks. Their performance dashboard is created in less than 60 seconds giving them a snapshot and history of their business health and multiple financial performance measures

2. We have a template for use by your clients, measuring their improvements over the 8 weeks. Download the 8 Week Challenge workbook template and send to each client starting the challenge

3. Ask your client to invite you to view their numbers, simply by adding your email address into their dashboard as a user.

4. Work with your SME business client or not for profit organisation in building a suitable business improvement plan with them over the 8 weeks.

5. Either you or your client sends their challenge workbook to [email protected] at the end of the 8 weeks and the business with the biggest improvement gets a Jazoodle 8 week challenge “Winning” certificate, shoutout from us plus we’ll work with you on creating a case study on how the challenge went for you and your client and what they learned about the improvement program you advised during the 8 weeks.

Build long term business building relationships with your clients

Once your client has completed their challenge, why not plan the next 8/12/52 weeks and see where their business can go under your guidance.

In the program, we encourage all SMEs to work with their accountant or business advisor in planning their individual strategies for business growth. They could be different for every business. For instance, Business A needs to build cash reserves to maximise their improvement, whilst Business B may need to improve Gross Profit Margins. Whatever their individual objective, your aim is to increase your client’s Jazoodle Business Health Score. Will your practice spearhead the greatest improvement in your clients’ businesses over the 8 weeks?

8WC Resources

Challenge Certificate Sample

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Challenge Template

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