Jazoodle Launches Business Health



Jazoodle Launches Its Latest Business Health Evaluation Application
Platform designed for small and medium businesses, their trusted advisors, and other service companies


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Mar. 3, 2021—Jazoodle, an innovative Australian based technology company, has announced the launch of their latest version of their solution, also called Jazoodle. Jazoodle is a business health, valuation, and forecasting platform for small and medium businesses, their trusted advisors, and other business service companies. Jazoodle was designed with ease of design in mind to allow business owners to get under the hood of their business and instantly understand the current shape of the business. At the center of its technology, Jazoodle delves into business performance in more detail tracking financial progress and providing clients with jargon-free, business insights that are easy to understand.


Jazoodle was founded by Andrew Paton-Smith, the firm’s current CEO. His team consists of Bill Nourse, CTO, Gareth Wood, CMO, and Simon Wakeford, COO. Jazoodle’s team is spread across all corners of the globe, from Australia to the USA and the UK. Paton-Smith said, “We founded Jazoodle in order to ensure that we could influence one of the key statistics of small and medium businesses, that failure or distress of those businesses is linked to lack of financial situational awareness. It’s not just financial distress that is caused by business failure, but also emotional, family, and wider societal problems from job loss, lease defaults and the like.”


Paton-Smith added, “If Jazoodle can help avoid a business failure for just one business owner, and their wider families, we will have achieved our goals. Jazoodle is able to offer its platform free to every individual SME, as well as secure, free sharing with their accountant or business advisor to ensure that SMEs get the help they need, before it may be needed. We are very proud of such proactive abilities of Jazoodle for business owners and directors.”


Jazoodle analyzes business performance across profitability, liquidity, asset utilization, efficiency, and solvency. Jazoodle can be set up in under 60 seconds and is always available on your phone, tablet, or desktop. For accounting firms and business advisors, Jazoodle does the number crunching for each client added to the profile. It instantly shows which businesses are most in need of advice.


The Jazoodle dashboard can also be shared with accountants for greater insights or with board members to keep up-to-date on strategy and performance data. Jazoodle allows companies to look forward to the future and identify growth opportunities, stress test scenarios, and play with the numbers, as well as assess financial risk insights. Businesses can see at a glance what is driving profitability and hindering growth.


“Not all boards have financial gurus on them,” said Paton-Smith. “Jazoodle makes it easy to understand critical financial risk as well as opportunities within their business. At a time of increased board and director responsibilities, having this foresight will be invaluable to arm’s length directors.”


The Jazoodle Business Health Check starter plan is free for individual SMEs and NFPs. With the free plan, businesses receive an up-to-the-minute business health score, a monthly and yearly snapshot, comparison with previous periods, the ability to add multiple companies to the dashboard, client risk profiles, one additional user, and the ability to print reports.


Currently, Jazoodle integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB. The app is highly secure and meets the latest API standards. Jazoodle has been certified by Xero, and is expecting certification by Intuit imminently.


Sign up for free at Jazoodle.com, or email Jazoodle at [email protected] for more information.


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