Jazoodle Launches Its New Platform (spoiler alert – it’s fast, simple to use, and free for single company connections)

Jazoodle Launches Its New Platform

Wyong, NSW March 2nd 2021

We’re super proud to announce the launch of Jazoodle Business Health, the first module of our new business health, valuation, and forecasting platform to delight Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB connected businesses and Not For Profits, as well as their trusted accountants and advisors. The platform, is an update and rewrite of its original platform which will be migrated later this year.


The new platform has further developed its simple and fast import engine, and redesigned dashboards meaning it takes only around 60 seconds to create a company dashboard. Central to Jazoodle Business Health, is Jazoodle’s Business Health score, a powerful and all-encompassing score of the health of a business, giving professional business advisors and the accountancy profession instant insights into their clients’ health and extent of need of trusted business advice. The health score is central to our health module. We’ve tested a number of assumptions with a number of businesses in Australia, UK and USA and found that traditional measures and statements were great, but business owners, directors and their professional services partners wanted to understand, at a glance if they were doing OK as a business.


Jazoodle Business Health assesses key performance measures across Profitability, Liquidity and Solvency, Operational efficiency and Asset Returns and Efficiencies. Drilling down into monthly or annual comparisons is just a click away. In another departure from our original platform, we’ve integrated both QuickBooks and MYOB into the platform, complementing the existing Xero integration. Later this year, we have 3 more key integrations to complete.


Another change, has been the inclusion of much more granular and monthly data representations. It is as simple as clicking a link to compare monthly or financial year periods across your KPIs, and financial statements


Jazoodle have also announced that the Business Health module will be free for all businesses with just a single company connected to Jazoodle, and are encouraging the sharing of their performance metrics with their trusted business advisors and accountants. Equally, for Not for Profit organisations, the Jazoodle profile owner can share their Jazoodle dashboard, reports and metrics securely with their board. This is seen as especially valuable, considering the increasing responsibilities for company directors and often, boards do not always have financial gurus in place. Jazoodle makes it easy to understand trends, and organisational health and performance over time. There is no charge for this.


Upgrades will be available for Jazoodle. For our accountant partners, hosting multiple companies In their Jazoodle is simple, and at a glance, can understand the health of their clients’ businesses. We’ll even alert you, when big changes to performance are seen. In the coming months, upgrades to our forecasting and business valuation modules will also be available. Pricing has also been kept simple, in line with the rest of the company’s ethos. Plans are month by month, with no minimum period, you pay a flat subscription for each company connected in that month. No more buying blocks of licences that you may not use! Finally, Jazoodle is available on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile for ultimate accessibility.


For more information, please go to Jazoodle.com or if you prefer, sign up directly with either your Xero or Quickbooks logins at https://my.jazoodle.app/register


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