Investor Relations

Together, we have a duty to enable revenue opportunities for our advisory and accountant clients and in turn, reduce the number of small and medium businesses that do not make it past their 5th anniversary

Our Vision

70% of small and medium businesses do not make it to their 5th year. Key reasons include poor financial spatial awareness, and poor financial planning. Accountants and business advisors are perfectly placed to improve this statistic, but don’t. The reason why, is the reason why we’re here. Providing highly scalable business analytics and scenario based forecasts for an advisor’s clients means overcoming the reasons for the stat, AND enabling scalable, profitable conversations with our clients.

Why Are We Raising?

We’ve developed a great MVP platform, have paying clients, in Australia and the USA and growing. We need to grow faster. The quicker we grow, the more businesses can receive the advice they need to survive past their 5th year. Our roadmap is clear, our vision strong, and we need visionary partners to help us achieve that vision. We’ve learnt a lot along the way, that helps us de risk further. Be part of our vision lock in a unique opportunity with unique founders

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We’re looking forward to sharing with you our vision and our progress to date. Please fill out the form below and we’ll invite you to participate in our inaugural pre seed round