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Green Score

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Set Up

Please note, that the Green Score has to be set up to be effective. Here’s How:

  1. Click On The Settings Link In Jazoodle
  2. Select The Green Score Tab
  3. Select All Expenses That Benefits Employees (Not Wages Related)
  4. Select All Expenses That Impact The Planet
  5. Click Save

Business Sustainability Score example in Jazoodle Platform

What is my business sustainability score (BSS) ? Efficiency ratios are a great way of analysing the underlying operational efficiency of a business. Jazoodle assesses the efficiency of a company in a number of ways. Areas such as the effect a business has on its environment and overall business, people, and planet sustainability for instance

How do you measure a wider level of sustainability within your organisation? The Green Score is a great way of doing this, and an indicator of company efficiency. Assess this over time and compare periods. In Jazoodle, we assess and compare sustainability and impact a business has on its ability to thrive, the sustainability of your employment practices, an the effect your business is having on the planet. Assess across financial years as well as on an individual monthly basis.

What Other Numbers Can I Check?


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