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What's your business forecast for the next 24 months?

We’ve developed a number of resources that you can instantly download and use within your business. The first of these are cashflow templates for both single and multiple revenue lines. Both can be purchased and instantly downloaded ready for use in your business.

Get started right away

The forecast template is designed to get started in seconds with all the complicated formulae already built. Just fill in a few key numbers and you'll be up and running

can be used by most businesses

We've designed the templates to be usable by most small and medium businesses. There is an option of 1 or multiple revenue lines to model. great for different product streams or even markets or projects.

HR and Staffing Plan

Our models come with an HR and staffing plan, meaning you can model changes in your staffing levels (and wages costs) over the period. Model scale up or scale down.

Lending decisions

Business lenders may need an up to date evaluation of your business. Jazoodle's cashflow templates are perfect for your lender or funding conversations, are self explanatory, and you can model different scenarios

Create different scenarios

Buy the template and you can create multiple scenarios from this template. Best practice suggests you model at least a "Best", "Mid", and "Worst" case. Simply copy the file for creating scenarios

Simple, Secure Purchase

Our online store is secure, and payments integrated with Stripe. Downloads are automatic on purchase. No more jumping through hoops to get your file and simply save this in your preferred folder.

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