What cash buffer will my business have if....

Business cashflow, budget, and future valuation forecasts in minutes, not hours

We’re bringing business power forecasting in 2023. Fast, joined up and simple to use business scenario and forecasting that is a joy to use. Subscribe to our existing KPI and Valuation platform and lock in your rates for 12 months

Equipment & capex Planning

Create cash, loan, repayment and depreciation schedules

Cash Conversion Modelling

Model client receipts, supplier payments and inventory

Future Business Valuation

What will your forecast mean to future business valuation?

Employee and New Hire Modelling

Test your finances before you make that move.

Employee Tax Witholding Auto Calculated

Your HR plan includes auto calculation of employee tax witholding and social security levies and respects tax payment periods and lags

Optimise Cash/Finance Mix and Schedule

Not sure which mix of cash / finance to utilise for planned capex? Model this simply and Jazoodle creates your repayment and depreciation schedule

Cash Optimisation Planning for SMEs and NFPs

Create a plan in seconds for maximising cash within a business. What is the optimal mix for each individual business?

Maximum Flexibility for Each Business

Create your forecast in seconds, but if you need maximum flexibility, create one off or repeat adjustments fast. IE, remove past Govt payments in forecast instantly.

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