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Business Health Pro

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Jazoodle has launched it’s latest business platform, which now includes:

  • APES 225 compliant business valuation
  • Daily automated data updates
  • Monthly automated client health alerts
  • Fast single common currency consolidated reporting
  • Green score (business, people, planet) sustainability score)
  • plus much, much more



Get started right away

We've included Single Sign on with Xero, and QuickBooks, and now also Google. Get set up in a matter of seconds and build your first company performance dashboard and valuation in under 60 seconds from start to finish.

Fast, consolidated Reporting

We've designed a seriously fast consolidated reporting module that can consolidate 2 or more related entities in less than 2 seconds. From there, we produce consolidated financial statements, consolidated performance reports and alerts, and consoldiated valuation

Green Score

In association with the Central Coast Sustainability Association, we've developed a fast to set up, basic business sustainability score that assesses a business' financial sustainability, people sustainability, and planet sustainability.

Business Valuation

Jazoodle uses two methods for it's valuation; either the Net Asset Value, or the income multiple method, whichever is the greater. Print out the standard valuation letter which is customised for your client's company

Automated monthly alerts

Decide what day of the month you'd like to receive your alerts, then each month, you'll receive a single report with al the key changes to your clients' businesses - in one report. KPIS alerted for Net Profit, Gross Profit, Cash Runway, Business Health, and Liquidity for the month prior versus the month before that.

Multiple Reporting Views

Included within our performance reports is a very fast and easy way of assessing different time periods for all reports, and financial statements. Assess monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, or annual views of your clients' business performance

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