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Business Reporting That Won’t Tie You Up In Knots, And Designed For Busy Entrepreneurs, Your Budget And Provides Expert Advice Too!

Virtual reporting and expert business advice that keeps you in control

You may not be surprised to know that you are not alone! That’s why we’re here. Jazoodle is a platform that securely connects with your Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB system, and intelligently transforms your financial statements into incredible business insights. What’s more, you get access to Jazoodle for 12 months as part of this package. We’ll also create a personalised report and analysis of your business performance, health, financial opportunities and risks and explain this inlanguage you can understand.

Let’s face it, none of us have enough minutes in the day do we? Understanding financial standing is one of the key reasons successful businesses are successful. However, doing so, takes time and expertise. We know youre busy, that’s why it makes complete sense to have us do this for you. We’ll even send a copy of our analysis and your dashboard to your preferred advisor or accountant if you have one.

Dont worry – Jazoodle is highly cost and time effective, and requires a relatively small investment to achieve high value from the insights and reporting you’ll receive. Not to mention, you get access to Jazoodle’s dashboard for 12 months, ready to assess on demand.

Have you ever wondered why credit providers, suppliers, and other stakeholders want to view your financial statements? It is because, in combination, your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows tell a story of your business. Its risk areas, its strengths, its opportunities. Why shouldn’t you have access to your data in this way?

Connects In Seconds With Your

Cloud Accounting Platform

Questions That Entrepreneurs Should Be Asking Of Their Businesses

Funding Options

Are your future cash levels sustainable and do you need advance notice for making alternate temporary funding arrangements?


Are your staff productive? Is staff productivity keeping pace with your business both now, and in the past? What productivity trends are you seeing?

Return On Asset Investments

Is your technology, plant and machinery losing its edge? Are you investing in diminishing value assets that are generating sustainable returns?


Are your profit margins changing due to input costs, overheads changing, or change of discounting policy

Client Invoice Collection

On average, how many days do your clients take to pay your invoices? Is this changing over time?


How liquid is your business? Is this changing over time? Do you have sufficient access to cash or liquid assets?

Business Valuation

What is your business likely to be worth if you wanted to sell it? Are you future exit plans on track?

Available Cash Runway

How many months cash do you have at your disposal should all revenues stop tomorrow?

Your Financial Analysis Expert On Hand

Financial Expertise

Business and financial expertise at your fingertips. In app tips, AND expert report delivered

Instant Setup

Your business performance dashboard. Instant insights into how your business is doing

Cost & Time Effective

Jazoodle does all the hard work for you. Integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB in seconds

Free Intro Consult

Free 1 hour consult with an expert relevant to your business and priorities

Trend Analysis

12 Month Discounted Access To Jazoodle. Yes, 10% off using our Entrpreneurial reporting services

Plans To Fit Your Budget

Choice of Annual, Half yearly, or Quarterly Analysis. Need a one off? or every Quarter?


Jazoodle is an intelligent business performance, health and valuation platform designed for Xero, Quickbooks and MOYB connected businesses and their trusted accountants and business advisors. We believe in doing things simply and quickly. We were founded in Australia, and have team members in AUS, the UK, and USA. Jazoodle is a certified development partner of Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB.

This package gets you:

  • 10% discount from our standard monthly Jazoodle Business Health pro package
  • 12 month’s access to Jazoodle’s insights and reporting dashboard
  • A personalised report and analysis of your business health, performance, and likely value, delivered to you (and your existing advisor if you have one) within 5 business days
  • If you choose the half yearly or quarterly reporting options, we’ll deliver your report within 5 days of your period end for each period in the year.
  • Your report covers your business:
    • Profitability and trends
    • Asset utilisation and trends
    • Efficiency and trends
    • Solvency and trends
    • Indicative value and trends.
  • Initial no obligation consultation with one of our business advice partners

We have priced the Jazoodle access and personalised report to fit in with most small and medium businesses. We insist on an up front cost to cover the initial report assessment, but we do amortise this over the course of the 12 months to bring this cost down for you

No, Jazoodle is a purely web based application, and no downloads are required. This means that you can access Jazoodle on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

Jazoodle is purely a web application and renders beautifully on all devices. There is no need for an app download

On Demand Business Reporting Dashboard AND Analysis Options

Some of our business advisor partners

Your report subscription includes a free initial consultation with the advisor most suited to your business need, or we’ll send a copy of your report to your existing advisor!

Take control of your business now

Instant Access To Jazoodle PLUS your business performance appraisal delivered within 5 business days

Maintenance Window

Maintenance Window:

We will be performing limited maintenance for a brief period this weekend. This will be limited to some enhancements we’re making with the Single Sign On Functionality via the QuickBooks connectivity and will not affect sign up, or connectivity through Xero, or MYOB


AU: Sunday 27th March 2022 4am – 12 noon

UK: Saturday 2th March 2022 6pm – 2am

US (PT): Saturday 26th March 10am – 5pm


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