Spend time on your business, not your numbers

Startup tracking and forecasting in an instant

Integrates with Xero in seconds

Securely connects with Xero in seconds, no fiddly mapping or hours spent setting up your dashboard and forecasts.

Instant business insights and trends

In seconds, your startup dashboard is built, and base forecast is ready for you to use. Don’t waste time on compiling your data, we do it for you.

Socialise your data with others

Give secure access to your investors, co workers, and accountant or business advisor. Cast expert eyes on your business and reap the rewards of additional business advice

Forecast future scenarios quickly

Each time you connect Xero, your base forecast model is recalculated – always forecast using your latest data and insights. Future business scenarios are easily modelled using our simple slider system

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Startup founders

Building performance reports and forecasts is seriously time consuming. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on your tech stack or market..? Jazoodle will do all of the hard work for you and let you spend time doing what you love best. Isn’t it better to spend time on your growth plans, and clients than on crunching the numbers?

VCs and Angels

How confident are you of your startup numbers? How consistent are those numbers when they report to you? If you find you’re spending way too much time each month compiling startup performance tracking reports and forecasts, you need Jazoodle to do all the hard work for you. A single profile allows you to house multiple startups in your profile and easily switch between them


Accelerators and incubators are the life blood of a healthy startup eco system. You provide valuable education, inspiration, and resources to ensure your startups are successful. How do you know how successful they are and which ones are in need of additional help and support? Jazoodle gives you a simple, single platform to track and forecast your startup’s success

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See trends quickly

28 time based charts created within seconds, and updated every time you update Xero. Assess both headline as well as underlying indicators for trends. Gives you advance warning of risk or opportunity in your startup. Trends available across Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, Asset Utilisation, Solvency and Financial Structure measures

Traffic light indicators point you in the right direction instantly

Instantly identify opportunity and risk areas within your startup. Significant tooltips available to help you understand the measures and also where else you should look in order to diagnose any underlying problems. Quickly lets you see where you should focus on your business

Simple slider based modelling

Our simple slider system lets you create single or multiple scenario models across 8 management levers. Your future financial statements are updated instantly along with your future business valuation. Complex models can be built very quickly using a combination of sliders. For instance, assess the affect of taking on staff, investing in new equipment, collecting your client debts more quickly, and even changing your shareholding or debt structure.

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