Not for profit boards and management teams

Not For Profit Boards

Financial risk management, board planning and governance in an instant

Access anywhere

Jazoodle is a highly secure cloud based application, meaning, access from anywhere, and no fiddly set up or installation of software. Available on your laptop or tablet, highly mobile and ready wherever you or your organisation is.

Organisation setup in seconds

Jazoodle has developed a proprietary import engine, which means that there is no fiddly setup of your business. Your NFP dashboard, and forecast is ready in just a few seconds! All within your single, master profile. Add multiple organisations to your single profile

Bring recommendations to life

Build client future strategic scenarios quickly. You board will love the simplicity and versatility of Jazoodle, letting them instantly see the effect of your recommendations. Live modelling of future business scenarios, test organisation resilience and funding outcomes

Improve your planning skills

Register for your free Jazoodle master demo and get to know how powerful and simple Jazoodle is before integrating your own organisation’s accounting system. Understand risk identifiers, test organisation tolerances simply with the use of our slider system

Economic and powerful solution

Jazoodle is deliberately priced not to burden either your organisation or you! We’ve brought the power of forecasting and performance metric systems so that it is amenable to not for profits of all sizes. Jazoodle gives you and your NFP board huge amounts of value for little annual cost per organisation connected


Jazoodle’s founders believe in the power and life changing effect of education. Jazoodle believes that everyone, who can take advantage of a higher education, should be able to do so, regardless of background, race, gender, or any other life factor. Jazoodle’s goal is to help fund as many disadvantaged people as possible to achieve their higher education dreams. 5% of all subscriptions will be devoted to this.

Create multiple future organisational scenarios in seconds

Not for profit organisation FAQs

What do I need to do to set up my business on Jazoodle?

Company setup: Jazoodle is highly secure and built upon the latest API standards. You will need access to the appropriate cloud accounting system - authentication is done via your normal login. We get the organisation details from your authenticated organisation in their cloud accounting system, such as company name. All we ask you to add is approximate number of employees, which industry they are in, and which year's data did you want to bring into Jazoodle and analyse

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For all Xero Connected Businesses

For all Xero Connected Businesses

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Powered By AWS

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We’ve produced a handy little guide that will give you the lowdown on the 28 essential KPIs, business valuation methods, and forecasting available within our platform

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